2015: Dimensions Variable2015: Don't Make the Title a JokeCAKEDEATH2014: Black Market Facelift2014: Not-dead-yet things2014: I'm Miserable But Change Scares Me2014: Everyone I Know2013: miscellaneous dances2013: digital collages2012: Having Our Appendix Out2012: STUFF Show2012: frequent although transient affections of a partially cataleptical character2012: The Hunting of the Snark2011: ALTERIORS2011: digital collages2011: dip trip clip2011: twos and ones2010: red door, and fight2010: A Woman's Touch2009: PEANUTS2009: Little Yellow Basket2009: Don't Eat It2009: GARDEN PARTY
My art takes on many forms – in medium as well as in approach – it is not always one thing; it changes; it can be viewed in different lights.

Lately, I think more about the way I create work than what it ends up being. I have been developing a practice across visual, written, and performative media that balances improvisation with craft, to produce work that mixes arbitrary with purposeful. Thinking to myself, these days, that meaning seems conversely attainable and irrelevant, what and how things are made both matters and does not.

Sometimes I do what I feel like. Sometimes I do what I think will be challenging to me or surprising. When I want to, I try to make something beautiful, or awful, or funny, or provocative. By engaging in a creative process that is multifaceted, I intend to produce work with multiple entry points and a layered scope of meaning.